Leading Edge Webbing

As a trusted webbing manufacturer for the fall protection industry, we’re proud to offer leading edge self-retracting lifeline webbing and traditional lanyard webbing for leading edge situations—replacing the heavy, impractical cable. We’ve leveraged our years of expertise to engineer a better solution: leading edge webbing, specifically manufactured to prevent breakage from sharp edges on rooftops and platforms; just like cable, only without the additional weight. 

Due to the critical use and application as leading edge fall protection, Sturges routinely and thoroughly tests each webbing production lot dynamically over a steel .005” radius edge per the ASSP/ANSI Z359.14 specification performing both the perpendicular and offset drop, all conducted in-house. In addition, Sturges also weaves a variety of patented tear webbings to regulate the force in leading-edge applications.

Leading Edge Fall Protection: Keeping Safety a Priority

Leading and sharp-edge applications pose a significant risk for cut, frayed, or severed lifelines. Especially when working at heights such as on a roof several stories in the air, this puts workers in danger of severe injury. As experts in webbing used in fall protection, few things matter as much to our engineers as making safety a priority when working at height.

Leading edge lanyards and leading edge self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) are major ways that professionals stay safe, but both of these traditional leading edge products are made with bulky steel cables. On one hand, these cables make sense to prevent severing or breaking, but it’s clear to everyone in the industry that in actual execution, these cables are heavy and cumbersome.

Our leading edge webbing is carefully engineered and extensively tested in our state-of-the-art, in house testing facility, which means we can provide you with pre-tested webbing products to save you time and accelerate speed to market for leading edge fall protection products.

Looking For An Alternative To Steel Cable?

As a trusted webbing manufacturer for the Fall Protection industry, we’re proud to offer Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline webbing and traditional lanyard webbing for Leading Edge situations in place of cable.

View our Leading Edge Case Study to learn more about our tested & reliable alternative to traditional steel cables.

This case study takes an in-depth look at how leading edge webbing, a relatively new product to the leading edge fall protection market, requires extensive studies to prove its market readiness and instill confidence

Sturges understands that like any other critical, lifesaving product, this webbing must undergo thorough testing to meet safety regulations, which is why every production lot at Sturges undergoes the most stringent testing.

“Leading edge self retracting lifelines have traditionally been designed with heavy steel cables as it was a proven product that could pass the ANSI/ASSP Z359.14-2014 Standard. Until recently, there were no alternate materials that could be used to pass this rigorous test.”

Below is just a small sampling of the products that we offer. Don’t see a product that will meet your requirements? Please reach out to our team. We have made custom solutions for original equipment manufacturers for over 100 years. We would be more than happy to offer our expertise to develop a product that meets your exact specifications.

Leading Edge Webbing Products

Sturges part number X-7297 .97” Polyester / Vectran® Webbing

Sturges Part No. X-7297

.97” Polyester / Vectran® Webbing

Sturges Part No. X-7352

1” Polyester / Vectran® Webbing

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