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As a trusted webbing manufacturer for the Fall Protection industry, we’re proud to offer Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline webbing and traditional lanyard webbing for Leading Edge situations in place of cable. Due to the critical use and application, Sturges tests each production lot dynamically over a steel .005” radius edge per the ASSP/ANSI Z359.14 specification performing both the perpendicular and offset drop in-house.  In addition, Sturges also weaves a variety of patented tear webbings to regulate the force in leading edge applications.

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.97” Polyester / Vectran® Webbing

Sturges Part No. X-7297
Description: .97” Polyester / Vectran® Webbing

Sturges Part No. X-7352
Description: 1” Polyester / Vectran® Webbing


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