Vectran® Webbing

Vectran®, manufactured by Kuraray, is a high-performance yarn made from liquid crystal polymer. Vectran® is known for its great strength properties, including a high strength-to-weight ratio, low creep, and high abrasion resistance. Vectran® webbing and straps also have good flex fatigue properties, meaning the fibers can be bent repeatedly without compromising the fiber.

Vectran® does poorly with UV-ray exposure, which causes strength loss. Vectran®’s minimal moisture absorption and excellent chemical resistance have made it a popular choice in situations where moisture and other corrosives are common, such as in protective clothing or for use in deep-sea operations. Vectran® is also becoming more common in aerospace applications; several inflatable spacecraft used by NASA use Vectran® fibers. Vectran® melts at 662°F.

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Vectran® Webbing Products

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4-5/8″ Vectran® Webbing
19mm Polyester over Vectran® Webbing
1″ Vectran® Webbing
1″ Vectran® Webbing

Sturges Part No. X-5944
Description: 4-5/8″ Vectran® Webbing; High Strength; Low Creep

Sturges Part No. X-6584
Description: 19mm Polyester over Vectran® Webbing

Sturges Part No. X-6658
Description: 1″ Vectran® Webbing

Sturges Part No. X-6797
Description: 1″ Vectran® Webbing; MBS 5,000 lbs