OEM Straps

Have a strap in mind for your project? Simply send us a drawing or sample of your strap and we will respond with prototype samples and recommendations that maximize cost effectiveness with no compromise in functionality.

All OEM straps are based on drawings that specify materials, dimensions with tolerances, strap configuration, and any special testing or performance requirements. Performance characteristics will be confirmed through in-house testing. Customers approve all drawings prior to production.


Hand Strap for Transportation

Hand Strap
Description: Sewn for Transportation Industry on buses and trains

Side Release

Side Release Strap Assembly with Sonic Welded Holes

Simple Tie-Down

Simple Tie Down
Description: Sewn with various materials and buckle finishes

Mailbag Straps

Mailbag Straps
Description: Sewn with various materials; Available in a variety of widths and buckle finishes

Clip & Mount

Clip and Mount
Description: Sewn assembly with loops to secure wires and hoses

Footman Loop Assembly

Footman Loop Assembly
Description: Can be sewn in various materials or sizes